We are a happily married couple of nine years that realized we enjoy other people in our bedroom. We had a tough time connecting with other like-minded couples even in our hometown of Billings. A lot of the websites are overwhelming or full of fake profiles. When we stumbled upon the 4-0-sexclub site, it seemed too good to be true. We figured for the minimal cost of membership, it would be a cheap foray into a new social group. The first party we went to was held in Helena and we were a little nervous. We decided to listen to our guts and if we got a bad vibe or were uncomfortable, we'd just excuse ourselves. We had a nice meal beforehand and discussed our boundaries and expectations. It was fun discussing our fantasies and hopes for what the group would be. We wore costumes to the party and that helped loosen our inhibitions. We were one of the first couples there and right away we met many other attractive, interesting people. We got to know one couple in particular who had been in the lifestyle for a while and they told us how they got started and what to expect. We were amazed at how friendly everyone was and how much fun we were having. We were invited to a private room in the hotel as the party was dying down and we participated in a no-pressure after party. There were games, ice breakers, music, and attractive people. The private party lasted for hours and we talked about it for weeks afterwards. There were couples of all ages, no pressure, and all of the club's rules were followed and enforced. We have participated in two other parties thrown by the group and had mind blowing experiences. The parties get better and better!  - J&S,  Billings, MT

"I've been organizing swinging and sex parties since jr. high and I know how challenging it can be to do it well. It is a complex social dynamic. I've been to several 4-0 Sex Club parties so far and the 4-0 Sex Club is doing a great job of marketing, organizing and hosting some lively parties. I'm glad it exists and am interested in watching it grow. From newbies to accomplished perverts, it is worthwhile attending." Signed: Commissioner of the Montana Orgy League

We just wanted to let everyone know a little about our experience with the club. We have attended 3 parties now and have thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at all of them. At our first party we were immediately welcomed by a couple that quickly turned into a dozen friendly couples. All socializing and getting to know each other in a non-pressure fun environment. Each party has been unique and equally enjoyable. Something we would recommend to new people is not to be static at these parties. If you are not enjoying yourself move to a different table/ group until you find something that you are enjoying. Our experience has been positive and is always memorable in good ways. We are always looking forward to the next one. -D&V,  Missoula, MT

We love this club and attend parties whenever we can! The owner always has fun stuff planned and you couldn't ask for cooler, sexier, more fun attendees! It is worth checking out!  Kasidie.com Review

The Four-O Sex Club is a great traveling venue. We have had so much fun and meet lots of sexy people! Can't wait til the next one!

Kasidie.com Review

The first 4-0 Sex Club camp adventure was a blast and relaxing. It was a joy getting to know club members a little better and have them help explain more of the lifestyle. I can't say thanks enough. As always a hats off to the club for a great thought and planning for this camp trip. - K Helena

I agree whole heartedly with my husband. I learned more about the life style and had a fun, relaxing, adult weekend. Thank you! Can't wait until the next one!  - W Helena

Went to our first party the other day and it was a blast!!! - Kasidie.com Review

We have attended many of these parties around the state. Great way to meet like minded, fun, and sexy people in our vast state. Hope to see you there. - Kasidie.com Review

By far, this is one of the best clubs I have ever had the privilege to be a member of! We went to our first party in April of 2018. We were extremely apprehensive walking into something that we knew we were interested in, but not knowing exactly what the party would be like. We met lots of friendly people willing to give us time and space to test the waters to see if this was going to be a perfect fit! We have been to 3 total parties and they keep getting better! Everyone is considerate and willing to give great advice of what to expect! We have made some great friends and look forward to attending more parties to make even more friends! 
C&S ~ Arlee

We were not sure by the clubs name whether or not this group was for us. At the time, we were relatively new to swinging and thought this might be just sex parties. It's not this at all! Its themed parties with fun, friendly people that just enjoy being around other fun, easy going people. The ages vary, the body types come in all sizes and no one has ever made us feel uncomfortable or not welcomed. It's so much fun for this married couple!!!  

K & J - Helena

4-0 Sex Club parties…where to begin? 
They are a ton of fun, and we’ve found them to be hands down the best way to meet new people. There are people of all ages, body types, and experience levels. There are couples who are just getting started, and the parties are a completely safe and positive place to start. Anyone on lifestyle websites knows how painful it can be to set up dates, have some flake, some not be a fit, etc. In just a couple hours at 40sex Club parties you can meet a ton of awesome people and gravitate toward people with a mutual attraction/interest. All of this in a no-pressure environment. Through the club we’ve met people we most likely never would have had the chance to meet, and they’ve turned into incredible friends…

We love the parties, and each town and party has a different vibe. We can’t wait until we can go again! If you can work up the nerve to go to a party, and then muster the courage to be active and talk to people, you WILL meet people that fit your interests! Whether you’re newbies or veterans, you need to get in on this…
G&J - Bozeman

I have only been to one party, but I enjoyed every second of it!  The pre-party dinner was relaxed and fun. Dress was casual and everyone got to know one another over drinks. The actual party was full of dancing, playing games and just having a good time. Even though I went as a single lady, I never felt pressured or intimidated, it really is a fantastic group of people! I truly let lose and enjoyed myself for what felt like the first time ever!
C - Missoula

Whether you have been in the swinging life style for years or are new to it, the 4-0 Sex Club is great. It consists of like minded people who are some of the nicest group of folks you could ever meet. We have attended 2 parties so far and have enjoyed ourselves each time. Who doesn't like to dress up and have fun. We look forward to going to more parties and meeting more people. A&C - Belgrade

Want to have fun, talk about anything you want about swinging and not have to worry. This is the club for you. We all are there for fun, laughing, and a good time. No worries about who you might see or know, we are all there for the same reasons. So very private. Come have some amazing fun and if nothing else a great night out.

C & R - Montana

Welcome to the club. My husband and I are new to the lifestyle. At first we were very hesitant and nervous to join and actually ended up skipping the first party after interview. The next party came around and we decided to just do it. We were welcomed into a loving positive safe atmosphere with Other is like-minded adults. We regret not joining sooner and are looking forward to all the fun adventures and parties that await us. 
M&M Billings

Welcome to the club! We have been members since the first club party in June of 2017. What a wonderful adventure. The parties are always changing and get better and better. We look forward to attending as many as we can. We have met lots of really fun and like-minded people who are in the lifestyle and some who are just starting out. The pre parties are relaxing and casual. You have the opportunity to meet people in a vanilla setting while enjoying a meal and drinks. So many laughs and friends to be made. Then, there are the parties. OMG, so much fun with dancing, games, and new friends. If we have learned anything, the more active you are in meeting people at both the pre party and the party, the more fun you will have. Take a moment, introduce yourselves, and enjoy the adventure. We look forward to meeting you. D & V - Missoula

We have have been a couple for 11 years and married for 10. We have played a little but never considered ourselves to be in the lifestyle. We have been members of the 4-0-Sex Club since around August 2017. Our first 4-0-Sex get together was a meet and greet in Helena. It was at a local bar during a Suds Party. Because this was our first adventure into the lifestyle it helped to have something at such a public setting. Our first party we were extremely nervous. We weren't sure we had made a wise choice when we decided to give the lifestyle a try, but the 4-0-Sex Club ensured our first adventure was a great one and soothed our fears. The fact that rules are established ahead of time helps calm the nerves and that there are no expectations what so ever helped to calm them even further. By our second party we knew a little more of what to expect of the lifestyle and were ready to play just a little. Each party we learn more about the lifestyle and each other. Like what we are willing to do with and without our partner. We have enjoyed all of our experiences in the club and am sure we will enjoy many more. Our biggest suggestion is to take thing as slow or as fast as you feel comfortable with, but always make sure you are comfortable. That is the best thing we like about this group, we are all out to have a good time sure, but we make sure everyone enjoys themselves and make friends in the process. K&W - Helena

We have been in the lifestyle off-and-on for years, but never have we embraced it or enjoyed it so much as since we joined the club and began attending parties. The immediate feeling of welcome from both the host and attendees made any nerves melt away almost immediately. Parties and costumes and a ton of sexy people who are all open and welcoming...it doesn't get much better than that. The thing that surprised us the most (in the best way possible) was the caliber of people that are members. Should you choose to join ( and we highly recommend it), you will be surrounded by some of the best, most honest, genuine folks you will ever meet, and we guarantee you will have a great time. Welcome to the club!

K & A - Montana

If you are thinking about going to a party, please join us! These parties are truely the best way we have found to meet like minded adults for a night if fun or long lasting friendship. C***** does everything do make the night a great time and to ensure that everyone is comfortable. What you get out of the night is really up to you, with no pressure or expectations. So get over those nerves and join us at the next party!

B & A- Polson



We are so glad you are doing this a lot easier to meet more people. We have made some great friendships and looking forward to making more! Camping trips are a great addition!!

D&L- Butte

April, 2019


We joined the 4-0 Sex Club in December and have attended 5 parties so far. We just love the friends we've made and the fun we've had.


The Friday night hangouts are the best as they are usually just getting together with friends for drinks, dancing, live bands and/or karaoke, or hot springs pool fun, without the expectation of "playing."


Although my wife and I come ready to play, we love that there are no expectations and no pressure, and the new wrist band system is a great way to say "no thank you" if you're not ready or are just considering.

Everyone is very friendly and there are a choice of games, dancing, conversation, and events to watch or participate in. It really is a choose-your-own-adventure experience.


Part of the fun for us is the drives to and from the events, where we have a chance to share our fantasies and desires, discuss our insecurities (if any, and to conquer them), and to share with each other our thoughts and feelings.


That being said, my advice for newcomers is to have no expectations, just try and enjoy the atmosphere and make friends, let things happen naturally and you won't be disappointed.


We're all here to play and no one is perfect, so when you feel a connection, go ahead and whisper in someone's ear, "hey, would you be interested in going to play?" Just like you, they may say yes or no, but its fun to be flirted with and is flattering to be asked.


There are very talented sexy people in this club, and we can't wait to meet the rest of the group!  

J & T - Helena 

May, 2019


Attending 4-0 Sex Club parties are a highlight in our social calendar! We’ve found the parties to be fun, safe, comfortable, well organized, and sexy! We’ve met some wonderful people that have become friends inside and outside of parties. Party atmosphere is always friendly, welcoming, and nonjudgmental! There is a place for all no matter what your experience level or personal kink is and it’s a great place to explore if you aren’t sure! Every couple is a little different but we’ve found everyone to be gracious, accepting, and welcoming!

J & T - Butte May 2019

We had a great time last weekend. W. and I always seem to have plenty of fun at your parties. This camping trip seemed to go very smooth and the food was too much. I believe you have the camping trips all planned perfect except for mother nature. W. and I talked twice how good the music mix was. Hitting all genres.


W. and I have almost been in the club for a year. Going to be a big anniversary in July. So far have attended 4 parties and two camping trips. We have noticed there is something for any personality and likes. A couple can go as far as they feel works for them. For us the camping trip is the funnest because that is what we love to do. Then you throw 20 other couples into the mix with some good laughter and flirting.


This club has brought out a new side to our relationship. It has brought us closer than ever before. Our self-esteem is at an all-time high. Plus, we have made some of our best friends since joining. The biggest thing we did too get us involved is mingling. Talk to everyone because you don't know who could be your new best friend.

C&W- Northern Montana, June 2019

4-0 Sex Club parties are awesome with some wow factor as well! Parties are great with a welcoming and accepting atmosphere, but the camping experience was by far the most we’ve interacted with and got to know people since joining the club. We are not really campers but the experience was so much fun we will definitely be returning! If you’re on the fence about joining, take the leap you won’t regret it!

J&T - Butte  June 2019

What a great group of people in this club, we finally found a group that we truly enjoy being involved with. Super respectful and no pressure. Keep up the good work, we can hardly wait for Kinky Camping II!

D&S -Missoula June 2019

The 4-0 Sex Club is possibly the best group of people I have ever belonged to. The 1st camping trip of 2019 was epic fun!


What I like most about the club is the comradery and the connections. Everyone is so friendly and helpful, and they all know how to have joyous fun.


We had a little glitch and it was taken care of swiftly and thoroughly. Well done.


I don’t know how to improve on the club, because it is on such a good path now. Keep up the good work.


The 1st camping trip of 2019 was epic fun! From the arrival, everyone was helpful in getting set up, helping your neighbors get their camper in place, group food preparation, thoughtfulness of members building a shower for all to use, other members placing wet wipes and hand sanitizer in the public restroom for all to use, to the fire always maintained… it is just a wonderful crew of people, right down to the last person. Saturday evening games around the fire was crazy good fun.


The camping trip was possibly the most fun I have ever had!!! I will try to never miss a kinky camping trip!


And for any new people, this group of people is the best people you will ever camp with.. helpful, generous with time and efforts, an air of sharing, and almost everyone bends over backwards to make new people feel very welcome and comfortable.


There is never any pressure to try to get you to do something you are not yet ready for, and are open and welcoming and non-judgemental if you dive right in and want to partake of all the fun.


The strip cornhole tournament for the next camping trip is a great idea!!!

T&K - Kalispell June 2019 

My partner and I were very nervous when heading to our 1st Kinky Camping trip, but as soon as we got there we were put at ease.


Everyone is so welcoming and kind. The club is also super respectful of boundaries and personal items! It was so great to send a weekend in such a great atmosphere where everybody was just completely accepting of everyone around them.


There were several newbies and veterans of the club there with people from all sorts of backgrounds. Super fun and relaxing!! Thank you!

C&R - Belgrade July 2019

G and I had a fantastic time. We have gone to two Club parties and have had a blast.


The most amazing thing about the 4-0 Sex Club is the fun and relaxed atmosphere that is to be had. You can sit back and watch or get up and meet people as there is no pressure from anyone to conform to any ones' ways. The people you meet are fantastic, full of personality, relaxed and fun.


The camping trip in Lincoln was our first with this club. OMG, its the best. The best. We never laughed so hard, had so much fun. The friendship, the way they make you feel welcome, people all shapes and sizes , all sexy and comfortable with themselves with no hangups, whether you stayed clothed or walked naked , played the games provided or not. It was fun to watch, too. I can say, it was the time of our lives camping with alot of adults.


WOW You can never go wrong with this club. It's the best by far.

D&G - near Butte, July 2019

We had a great time at the June Camping Party. The things we like most are that the atmosphere is so relaxed. There is no pressure from anyone. Everyone gets along great. We have made so many new friends during your parties.

J&D - Lovell Wy, August 2019

Loved the party. It was great meeting new people and always good seeing old faces. We were amazed about how much delicious food was brought. We were welcomed right from the start as we drove in. Makes me sad we missed the first two!!

D&V - Alberton MT, August 2019

We had a great time and always do. I can't think of anything you need to change. The backdrop with people dancing behind it was a great addition. We have met great people and developed a lot of valued friendships. And looking forward to more great fun adventures! Thank you for all of your hard work putting these parties together. D&L - Butte MT, January 2020


Great party. Thank you! The games were a lot of fun to participate in and I loved the no pressure atmosphere of the whole event! This was my third party and I had a great time at all three of them. I plan to come to as many as I can.   B - Helena MT, January 2020 (single gentleman)

My wife and I have been in the club now for a few years and have attended several events all over the state. This last event in Kalispell was our first time there and we had a great time. The people we met were very friendly, outgoing and a lot of fun. The room where the event was held was fantastic as well. We enjoy meeting new people in the lifestyle and will certainly keep going to more events and we do encourage more people to join the club and attend these functions. Kgjust4fun. Missoula MT, January  2020 

We love the fact that each party is a costume party. My husband and I love to get dressed up! As soon as we got there everyone was so nice and welcoming. The members are super easy to talk to! This was our first party, and we spent all night dancing, doing a lap dance contest, and just visiting with other members. We will definitely be attending more of these!  J&M Libby MT, February 2020

The 4-0 Sex Club has truly been a life changer! Not only is the club well run in good taste the members are open, friendly, and welcoming! Parties and camp trips are tons of fun with no pressure, expectations, censorship, or judgement. It provides a safe, welcoming environment to express ourselves and explore our kinks with like minded people. We’ve made some great connections and lasting friendships!  J&T Butte MT, June 2020

We had an amazing time. We are so happy with all the new friends we have made. You do an Amazing Job! Thank you so much!  M&B Billings MT, August 2020

This was my husband's and my second party.  I was so happy that we attended the party, we meet up with couples we met at the first party and met some very wonderful new couples.  I am finding that this club has no false people in it.  Everyone is always so welcoming and friendly.  We are already looking forward to the next party.  What a fun club. P Columbia Falls MT, February 2021

This is my wife and mine second party. The first one I jumped in feet first and played some of the games and it was a lot of fun and everyone at the table treated me very well making it fun to join in. The second party I was more comfortable around the people I knew and to talk to the new couples making it even better looking to go to more parties.  R Columbia Falls MT, February 2021

I attended the Kalispell party as a single lady. Everyone was very respectful and I was comfortable with the group. The party was a ton of fun and I had such a blast dancing and mingling. C - Kalispell MT, February 2021

We have best time at the Kalispell party! Lori and I have been active in the lifestyle for many years and been to a lot of hotel parties. This is, by far, the safest, cleanest, funnest most well organized party we can remember. Terry & Lori Columbia Falls MT,  February 2021 

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