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The Stranger


A very good article about how a couple was introduced to the lifestyle and what they discovered when they dove in.  Their experiences seem very typical and reflect what you might find yourself.

A good article by Robert Evans that discusses some of the truths about swinging that affect most couples in the lifestyle. Topics such as homophobia and relationship drama are discussed.


Hidden in America

An unbiased documentary on Swinging and Polyamory in the US. It talks about the benefits and risks of the lifestyle in a non-judgmental way.

Adult Match Maker

Great introduction to the Lifestyle.

10 Benefits of being a Swinger!

TEDx Talks

Casual sex has long been portrayed as a societal sin. Dr. Vrangalova, a renowned sex researcher, weighs in on the topic.

In this talk, Nirel highlights a number of convincing reasons why polyamory should be a more widely considered option - this includes its emphasis on transparent communication, compersion, diffusion of economic (and other) responsibilities, and importance of autonomy. From this, NIrel will argue that we need to change our definition of 'relationship' to include polyamory and other forms of consensual non-monogamy.

ABC News - Dateline

Tom and Bunny

This video talks about the Single Male in the lifestyle.  It tells why they are needed and gives great tips for the single male attending a swinger's event.

Today we discuss how NOT to be a Douche at a club and gain more attention from others you may be interested in meeting! We say this lightly as it is all in fun but people really should think before they speak, act, dress etc.. when attending a Lifestyle Swingers Event. We hope you find this humorous and enjoy our Vlogs.

Body Confidence and the Swinging Lifestyle with Tom and Bunny Everyone is discussing Body Shaming, today we discuss Body Confidence!

Matt & Bianca- Club Saphire

In this episode, filmed at Club Sapphire in Seattle, Matt and Bianca talk about women who are pregnant at swinger clubs, cliques and people who prefer not to swap spouses.

The hardest part when you meet a great couple is taking that step from just having a conversation into taking them into the playroom. Filmed at Club Sapphire in Seattle, in this video Matt & Bianca talk about how to move forward at a club without seeming pushy. Also, how to politely say no if you are propositioned.

Megyn Kelly TODAY

Megyn Kelly TODAY welcomes professors Terri Conley and Stephen Snyder for a discussion about non-monogamous relationships such as open marriage. Conley says that children of polyamorous relationships are reportedly “doing very, very well” even though such couples are “highly stigmatized,” Snyder says.

Dan Savage

Dan Savage is a gay non-monogamist who is also a sex columnist.  He answers an audience member's question about how to start swinging. He talks about non-monogamy and swinging in a very humorous and convincing way.

Non-Monogamous Lifestyles Association

Non-Monogamous Mark and his friend go over 10 tips to help you take the plunge into Swinging and Non-Monogamy.  This video is very informative and down to earth.  It is a great starting point for newbies and addresses some of the mistakes newbies unknowingly make.

Pleasure Palace

This is a very basic video but it is the best advice I have heard for people new to the club. If you watch nothing else, watch this.  Must see for newbies!


A funny but remarkably accurate video.

No description required. Lol