4-0 Sex Club Friend Referral Program

Got Friends in the Lifestyle?

Tell them about the 4-0 Sex Club and get rewarded when they attend a party.

The 4-0 Sex Club Referral Program works as follows:

1.  Tell your friends about the club, refer them to the website and tell them to fill out an application.  Remember when talking about the club, you can tell about your experiences but do not tell the exact locations and the names of people who you have met.

2.  Your friends will fill out an application.  In the field titled "How did you hear about us?"  They will put your names or the email address that you have registered with the club.  If you prefer to only give your friends your screen name from a website, be sure to let the club administrator know that screen name so you get credit for the referral. 

3.  When your friend(s) pay for and attend their first party you will receive points. You will receive 2 points for a couple or 1 point for a single.  You will only earn points on the first party they attend.

4.  Redeem your points for free party tickets.  To receive a free party as a couple redeem 4 points. As a single female or male volunteer- 2 points, as a single male non-volunteer- 10 points.

5.  Contact the Club Administrator if you have any questions or to redeem your points for a party.

6.  Thank you for helping the Club grow!