The following information applies to members of the media:


You represent that, if you are a member of the press (including television & radio), you are registering as a guest if this event only in your private, individual capacity.  You warrant that, if the foregoing statement proves to be false, you are here at the direction of your employers and are acting within the scope of your employment; that you are violating the rights of the guests and management to privacy under common law and the U.S. Constitution, and that an appropriate amount of liquidated damages for any published report made which portrays or describes the activities of any guest or management is ten dollars ($10) times the number of readers or viewers of any medium which publishes the report, which reflects a reasonable estimate of probable compensatory damages for loss of privacy, including humiliation, emotional distress, necessity to pay legal fees, loss of employment or advancement, and other injuries, the amount of which is uncertain.  This amount shall be awarded to each guest or manager named in the report or described in such a way as to permit identification of the guest or manager by application of the description to publicly available information.