How to get on the guest list.

Applying to be a club member is easy. Follow these steps:

1. Create an account on the website by clicking on the "Login/Sign Up" link located at the top of this page.

2. Fill out the membership application found here.

3. Listen to the pre recorded orientation phone call. 

Throughout the phone call are 3 random code words.  Please have a pen and paper handy while listening to the call so you can write these code words down as they pop up.  Men and women have separate calls with the same basic information but different code words so couples will have to each call individually.


To access the phone call please dial: 

1 (515)606-5499


When asked for the access code, Please enter: 300161#



When asked for the reference number:

Men will enter 2#

Women will enter 4#

To listen to the call online click here.


4.  Once you have completed the call and have the code words, please call (406)431-7189 between 10:00AM and 4:30PM Monday through Thursday. 


During this call you will give me the code words and then I can answer any questions you may have that were not covered on the call.  Please know the email address that you filed your application under so I can get you approved.

We must personally talk to every person before they can attend an event.

5.  Log into your account on the "Login/Sign Up" link located at the top of this page.

6. Register for the party here.

You are now on the guest list and we will see you at the party!

While you are filling stuff out, don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list below so you stay informed of all upcoming events.