Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 4-0 Sex Club?  The 4-0 Sex Club is a traveling Swingers Party.  We travel throughout the state of Montana throwing Theme Parties along the way.

What is up with the name "4-0 Sex"?  4-0 Sex is a play off of 406 which is Montana's one and only area code.  Montanans tend to be proud of this area code and identify with other 406ers.  This name also provides a bit of cover in case someone accidentally says the name in front of someone who they would rather not know about the club.  They can play it off and say they were talking about the 406 Club.

Are the parties just big orgies?  No.  The parties are held in conference centers, meeting halls, and banquet rooms.  They are sexually charged but no sex actually occurs at the parties themselves.  After the parties are over, people are free to do what they want as consenting adults.

How old are the people at the parties?  We have attendees from ages 21 and up.  The average age is probably around 40 (we don't ask ages) but there are usually small groups and all the age categories.

How many members does the club have?  As of November 2020 we have had over 1400 people fill out an application listen to our conference call and over 600 of them have attended one of more parties.  Every party we gain additional members who lose their club virginity.

What are the body types of attendees?  We get all body types.  It is pretty much your everyday next door neighbor attending these events.  The club members are very accepting and non-judgmental and welcome everyone as long as you are not an ass or pushy.

Can we see a guest list before we sign up?  No. For privacy purposes, our membership and guest lists are private. However, we do host a pre party MeWe chat room which most party attendees participate in so you can socialize prior to the event.  The MeWe group is only available after you have registered for the party.

How do I find out the location of a party and other details?  All the party details are located on the party registration page of the website.  This page is only accessible to people who have completed all the steps to become a member.


Will I feel like an outsider as a newbie? Are there cliques?  The answer to this depends on you.  The club members are extremely welcoming to new members and most likely you will be overwhelmed with the acceptance of this group. On the other hand, like anything in life, you will get out of it what you put into it.  We have all sorts of activities before, during, and after the parties.  The more you participate, the more you will get out of the club.  If you just show up for a party and sit in the corner by yourself and not participate, the end result will not be as optimal as if you make an effort to get up and meet some people.


What do you do at an event?  The parties are like going to a super cool house party where everyone is your friend.  We have dance music, dj lighting and effects, and numerous ice breaker games from mild to wild.  We have things like beer pong and corn hole to twister and a naughty Jenga game which is very popular.

What if we are nervous to attend our first event?  First of all realize that you are not alone.  Everybody gets nervous for their first event.  Some people get nervous for their 10th event. This is completely natural and to be expected but don't let it stop you from attending.  The club does several things to help make your fist time a little less nerve wracking.  Long before the party starts, we have the pre party MeWe chat.  This is a great way to get acquainted with some of the other members who are attending the party before you even leave the house.  Next we do the Friday Night Hangouts and the Saturday Pre-parties. These mini events are vanilla (Non-lifestyle) in nature and another great opportunity to get to know even more club members.  Finally, when you arrive at the party for the first time, you may be assigned a veteran couple who will take you around and introduce you to a few people and answer any last minute questions you may have. I think you will find that the members of this club are very friendly and welcoming and remember that you get to determine your own pace in accordance with your comfort level.  There is no pressure to do anything so don't be afraid, come have a great time with us. I think you will enjoy it.

What are all the activities that the club does?  We do the parties of course, but was also do pre-party kik groups, pre-party meet & greets, facebook groups, camping trips, and online contests.  The club is continually evolving and getting better all the time. 

What do you mean by theme party? Every 4-0 Sex Club party is a theme party.  What this means is we will usually have activities associated with the theme and costumes are highly encouraged.  We almost always have a costume contest.

Do I have to have a costume?  No. Costumes and participating in any 4-0 Sex Club activity is completely optional.  We usually have about 50-75% of the people in costume. 


What about nudity?  In order not to get kicked out of our venues, we do not allow exposure of the genitals. In some event locations, exposure of the breasts and buttocks is allowed in the party room but you must be properly attired of covered up as you arrive and leave the party.  The event registration page will have the specific nudity rules for that particular event.   

Why do I need to fill out an application?  We require an application for bookkeeping purposes so we can make sure every attendee has listened to an orientation conference call prior to attending an event.

Why do I need to listen to the orientation phone call?    The 4-0 Sex Club requires all event attendees to listen to the orientation phone call before attending their first event.  The phone call covers the rules and will let you know what to expect at an event.  The call lasts approximately 30 minutes and should cover any questions you may have.  Following listening to the call you will call the club organizer to verify and to address any issue not covered in the call. This process ensures that everyone is aware of the rules in order to provide a safe, fun environment where people are comfortable to be themselves. 

Can I bring a friend to an event?  Yes, but only if they have filled out an application and listened to the orientation phone call.  There are NO exceptions to this rule.

How much does it cost to go to a party?  If you preregister before midnight the Sunday before the event, the cost is only $30/couple, $10/single female, $50/single male.  Anytime after midnight Sunday the prices are $40/couple, $15/single female, $75 single male up until noon Friday.  After noon Friday or if you pay at the door the cost is $50/couple, $20/ single female or $100/single male. There are no joiners fees, or annual fees.  You only pay when you want to attend an event. 

Do I have to have a tent or camper to go to the camping parties?  No!  We have several options for those who may not be big on camping or have the gear.  The first option is to just come up for the day.  Saturday night is the time to be there.  The second option is to stay at a hotel in Lincoln.  We are only about a 15 minute drive to Lincoln.  The third option is to borrow a tent.  Our members are very generous and don't mind sharing. (Insert swinging joke here. Lol) We have several tents that we can loan out to anyone interested.  The final and most exciting option is to shack up with someone for the weekend.  Lots of our members have large campers with extra beds which they are more than willing to share.  If you are interested in any of these options, contact the event coordinator and we will hook you up.

What about Sexually Transmitted Infections?  Statistically, people in the lifestyle tend to have lower rates of STIs than the general population.  This is because they generally make using protection with someone other than their partner a MUST and get tested on a regular basis.  Protecting your own health is a personal responsibility and the 4-0 Sex Club highly recommends that you use proper protection when playing with anyone.  Everyone I have met through this club is a good person who I don't think would ever knowingly pass something on to someone else but there is always the possibility that they have something that they are unaware of.  If you are going to be non-monogamous, you have a responsibility to get tested regularly and take proper precautions to protect your and your partners health.  

I have more questions not covered in this FAQ.  How do I get answers?  The best way is to fill out an application and listen in on one of the orientation phone calls which we will give you an opportunity to get all your questions answered.