The Dirty Dare Club is an Adult Oriented Game that is similar to Truth or Dare but truths are not allowed. Only Dares. The Club is hosted on a combination of the 4-0 Sex Club website and Facebook. All photo or video submissions that depict nudity or sexual activity will be submitted to the group administrator who will upload them to a special section of the 4-0 Sex Club website. This section of the website is dually protected requiring viewers to have both a unique url that is unsearchable by all search engines plus a password to access a particular page.

The rules for the group are as follows:

1. Membership in the Dirty Dare Club is limited to members of the 4-0 Sex Club who have actually attended a party and their friends. To gain admittance to the club, please contact the club organizer.


2. To gain admittance to the group, you have to submit a full body shot nude for the group prior to joining. This picture does not have to include your face. If you are too shy to do this, the group probably is not for you because most of the dares will probably require more. Lol. Submit the


3. Do not give the links or passwords to ANYONE!!! This is a bannable offense to not only the Dirty Dare Club but ALL 40-Sex Club Activities!


4. While this group does allow singles, married persons must join as a couple. Single males will be limited to 10% or less of group membership.


5. No truths are allowed. This is a Dare only group.


6. Participation is required for this group. If you are in the group, you are a player. If you do not want to play, please leave the group. If you are given a Dare, you have 4 days to complete it. If you cannot complete the dare in 4 days, you can receive a 3 day extension but submitting a new full nude selfie. The dare will usually involve posting pictures or videos of dare completion. You must leave your video or picture posted for at least 1 week. After that time, you can delete it if you desire.

7. If you do not complete a dare on time or refuse to do a dare, the moderator will create a poll with several options as punishments. The group will decide the punishment. You will be given 3 days to then either complete the original dare or voted on punishment. Failure to complete the dare or voted on punishment will result in removal from the group. To keep the game moving along, if you know for sure that you are not willing to complete a dare, please let the group know so we can vote upon your punishment.


8. Honest effort must be given in completing a dare. If the moderator believes honest effort was not given, a poll will be created and if the rest of the club agrees the dare will have to be completed again. All polls will be run for 2 days.


9. Upon completion of the dare or voted upon punishment, as a reward, you will then get to choose the next person who has to complete a dare and you will get to come up with the dare they must complete. You will have 2 days to choose your dare and the person who must complete it. If you do not post the dare in 2 days, the moderator will post a dare for you and you forfeit that priveledge.
You will also be safe from being picked again until that round of dares is complete. Try to spread the love and make sure everyone has an opportunity to participate. Please tag the person you are daring so they are sure to see it. Also, if you are dared. Please acknowledge the you see the dare and accept the challenge.


10. The dares must follow these guidelines:

a) They must be mostly legal. For example: While public nudity is illegal most places, a dare to post a video of you streaking would be appropriate because it could be done in a rural setting with minimal risk. However a dare to streak through a school playground during the day would not be appropriate. As moderator, I will monitor the dares and determine whether it is reasonable.

b) They must be possible and realistic. It would make no sense to dare a single guy to post a picture of him having sex with 3 super models if he has trouble finding a single girl.

c) Dares can not require someone put their personal health or safety at risk.

d) Dares can not cause be used to cause marital discord. Do not dare someone to cheat on their spouse.

e) Dares which require somebody to purchase something must be reasonable in nature. Do not ask anyone to purchase anything that costs more than $10.


11. If someone believes a dare they are asked to complete is unfair or unreasonable, they can submit an appeal to the moderator explaining their case. The moderator's decision is final.


12. Membership in the 4-0 Sex Club is not required for this group. If you have friends who are interested in joining the Dirty Dare Club this is the procedure for adding them:


a) Add them to the group. Their membership will be pending approval at this time.

b) A moderator will contact the pending member via Facebook Messenger to verify their desire to be in the group. The pending member must send the moderator the full nude picture that they plan on posting to the group.

c) Upon receiving the picture, the moderator will approve the membership and the new member must personally post their own nude within 24 hours of joining the group.


13. Please respect other people's privacy. Do not save, reproduce, or redistribute other's posts for any reason. Violation of this rule is grounds for immediate removal from the group.


14. Be nice. Not everyone's body is perfect and not everyone is comfortable showing it. The Dirty Dare Club asks people to do things that are way out the comfort zone for most people. Be encouraging, be nice, be supportive. Do not body shame or pick on people.


15. You are expected not to report any post that occurs in this book to the Facebook police. If you are offended by something posted, please address the issue with the moderator. If the issue can not be resolved, you are free to remove yourself from the group.


16. Everyone is responsible for their own actions. This is a game that they can opt out of at any time. They will not hold the club or any of its members responsible for any of the repercussions legal, financial, or otherwise for participating in the game.


17. All new members must reply to this post within 24 hours stating that they have read and agree to the rules.


18. Have Fun!!!