Non-Volunteer Single Males

A limited number of select Single males are allowed as guests at club events. 


The rules for single males are as follows:

1.  Single males will follow all the regular rules found on the "Club Rules" page of this website.

2.  Single males are expected not to be creeps.  They do this by being friendly and welcoming to our couple guests.  They are not to pester couple guests for adult play. Remember "No" means "No!" If the club receives any complaints about poor behavior, you may be banned from club events.

3. Single males will wear a prop identifying them as staff such as a glow stick.  The event organizer will provide the prop.

4. The Four-O-Sex club does not want to have any part in the promotion of cheating husbands or boyfriends.  If you are in a relationship and plan on attending an event as a single male, we will want to confirm with your wife/girlfriend that she is aware of your attendance at the event and what occurs at our events.  If you lie to us about your relationship status, you will be permanently banned from club events.   

Violating these rules or causing problems may result in being banned from future club events.

Application Process

If interested in applying to become a single male member of the Four-O-Sex Club, please fill out the application below.  Additionally, please fill out and submit the form below. 


Additionally, please text a clear face picture and a full body (clothed is preferred) to (406)431-7189.  Please include your email address with the text.

Do not send a dick pic.  No one wants to see that especially since the person reviewing applications is a guy.  If you send a dick pic, you will be blacklisted from the club.

Incomplete applications or those with no pictures will be ignored.

Please watch these videos prior to your orientation phone call.