Club Rules

The Four-O-Sex Club in Helena, MT complies with all applicable State and Federal laws.  Only persons age 21 and above are allowed to attend club parties. 




one strict rule, NO touching without asking.  * If someone touches you or is not appropriate, you should report it to the manager and/or security as soon as possible, (not a week later).

Photography/Video: Cameras or any recording devices are not allowed into club events.  We do not allow cell phones to be used in the common area.  If you need to use your phone, please do so outside the club or in the restroom. Those caught taking pictures with a cell phone or any other device will be ejected without refund and possibly banned from the club. This is for the privacy of everyone attending the club.

Confidentiality:  The confidentiality of club members is extremely important.  Therefore, any member of the press is strictly prohibited from attending club events in an official capacity.  Any member thought to be violating the confidentiality of other members may be banned from all club activities. Giving out event information, such as specific location etc, to non-members is strictly prohibited and is cause for membership termination

Dress Code:      The Four-O-Sex Club is a unique, upscale experience, and our members are expected to be dressed accordingly to be granted access to the premises.  Dress to impress!


We would like to see you dress as though you were going out to a nice restaurant or night club.  Nice jeans are ok.

For the ladies, anything from a semi-formal, casual or party dress or a sexy outfit is fine.   Dressing in theme can also be fun!!

PLEASE make sure your clothing is street worthy while entering or leaving the club. You may avoid attracting outside attention by wearing a light coat, jacket or sarong.


Exceptions are granted to themed events.

No nudity is allowed at the club. (Sorry venue rules)    


The 4-0 Sex Club requests that members refrain from wearing feathered costumes or boas to club events.  These items shed feathers like crazy and it adds significantly to our clean up time.  Thank you for your consideration.


    Helena: Our current Helena venue prohibits bringing in outside alcohol.  All alcohol must be purchased from the bartender provided. 


    Missoula: Events held at our Missoula location are Bring Your Own Alcohol events.  Ice and cups will be provided. 

    Billings: Events held at our Billings location are Bring Your Own Alcohol events.  Ice and cups will be provided. 

    Kalispell: Events held at our Kalispell location are Bring Your Own Alcohol events.  Ice and cups will be provided. 

Excessive use of alcohol is forbidden. Obnoxious members will be asked to leave.

Singles: A limited number of Single men are allowed at most club events.  Additionally, single men can sign up as a club volunteer.  These spots are issued on a first come first served basis.  Please read the single guys page on this website for details.   


Single women are definitely allowed and encouraged to attend club events. 

Drugs: No illegal drugs or persons under the influences of illegal drugs are allowed at Four-0-Sex Club events.  Any person who appears to be under the influence of illegal drugs or brings illegal drugs to a club event will be asked to leave the event and may be banned from future events. 


Prostitution: Prostitution is illegal and will not be tolerated.  Any person who offers sexual favors in exchange for money or who offers to pay for such services will be permanently banned from Four-O-Sex Club events and law enforcement may be called.


Sex:  The Four-O-Sex Club is an off premise meaning, sexual acts are not allowed on premise.  We hold our parties at a location very close to several hotels for your convenience.  Activities in your hotel room are your personal business.


Access:  Our private event is just that PRIVATE, don’t give out information about it to anyone. Do not INVITE anyone; if they are not on the member list then they DON’T get in, NO exceptions!!

Do NOT engage in ADULT PLAY outside in the public eye to where you would be considered part of the event as to draw attention to unwanted circumstances. Remember to respect others during an event.  

Cost to attend events:

The cost to attend is determined by when you register for the party.  The parties are held Saturday nights.  If you pre-register before the previous Sunday, the rate is the lowest.



Payment is for club membership and admittance to one party only.  Payment or membership does NOT imply any sort of guarantee of sex or sexual activities.  Any sexual activities that occur between members is strictly between consenting adults and is not under the control or direction implied or otherwise of the club.

Liability:  Club members agree to be personally liable for their own actions. The club is not responsible or liable for any damages that result from attending a club event. Once you are approved as a member you acknowledge that you agree to all above rules and guidelines given by the Club. The club is held harmless for any damages to or loss of personal property during club events. Also the club is held harmless for damages or harm to you during the club event including any drama or incidents you cause or participate in through verbal arguments or physical fights both domestic and social. The Club and the owner's are held harmless from damages from falling from dancing or any personal injury received at an event. Your participation is your business as to what you do or who you meet at the club. The information you share to the club is confidential and will not be released. As a member you should not share about other members to the public. The Club and it's owner's are held harmless to what other's say or share about you. The club will not tolerate drama, please keep that to yourself and take it outside and far away from club event. If you break a rule of the Club you can be removed and banned from future events or club outings. Any money donations or hotel costs you have spent could be lost if you break the rules without return or compensation. 

Membership: If you are affiliated or work for media or law enforcement you must notify the Club prior to membership. This is a Private CLUB, not for public media or illegal activity. See media/law enforcement page.

We reserve the right to remove attendees from a club event without refund or not allow anyone in for any reason we see fit including over consumption of alcohol.